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Sankalpa Yoga Class Descriptions

We offer yoga classes in various styles and levels. You can count on our teachers to lead safe and compassionate classes.

A beginner-friendly, foundational class focused on the fundamental principles of Hatha Yoga taking you through posture to posture at a slower pace, proper breathing, and attention to the alignment of the poses. Hatha Yoga 1 is an excellent basic class, great either to start your practice or refine your regular yoga practice.

This class is designed to help students transition from level 1 to a level 2 Hatha Yoga practice. Hatha Yoga 2 class is focusing on refining the poses and building endurance in the body. It will offer a balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Suitable for students who have at least one year of experience in practising yoga.

An accessible, all-levels Hatha yoga class, featuring a flow style of yoga(vinyasa) that emphasizes linking breath with movement while moving through creative sequences and groovy jams designed to energize and empower.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of consciousness. Through a series of postures, breaths, mantras, and meditation that "direct" towards a particular result, it will help you to awaken your awareness, fight your ego and let go all your fears. This dormant energy of awareness is within you waiting to climb into the backbone of your life. It will help you increase the power of your nervous system and your character. It will lead you to where you will be happy in the midst of all the challenges and grateful every moment of your life. It will help you to travel to the core of your being to hear the pulse of Creation in all people and all things.

The power of kundalini lyes in the present moment. It goes straight to the heart to recognize the unlimited power of your divine nature.

Hatha Therapy

In the therapy classes, we use yoga postures, meditation and pranayama to help the body with natural means to come in harmony and balance. This practice uses aids to achieve maximum benefits such as blankets, pillows, blocks and straps. Each practice focuses on a different part and function of the body, helping the trainees to feel better in their own body and to improve the quality of their life. This practice benefits people with anxiety, headaches, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, as well as those who deal with pain resulting from daily habits, injuries, poor alignment, etc., keeping a slow pace synchronized with breathing, gradually working the movement and emphasizing stability in relation to speed and intensity.

Yin Yoga

At yin yoga, we maintain with softness certain static positions for a long time, seeking to awaken the most Yin, relaxed, calm qualities of ourselves. We approach these asanas with simplicity, with kindness towards the body and without expectations, letting the body to be expressed and allowing oneself to live in the present and accept the reality exactly as it is. It is a practice suitable for everyone regardless of age. It releases tension and stress from the hips, pelvis and spine.

Mindfulness meditation asks us to stop criticism and focus on the present by approaching our experience with warmth and kindness towards ourselves and others. Observation, understanding and acceptance of feelings, thoughts and sensations in the present moment.

Yin & Yang Yoga

The Yin and Yang Yoga is a practice of interaction and cooperation between our two opposing forces that are lying within, yin and yang. It starts with a dynamic yang sequence that activates the fire and physical strength inside us and continues with a yin series where we pace the rhythm by remaining in the positions for a longer period while staying connected to our breathing and searching for that space within us where everything is reassuring calmness. It is a practice that embraces the flow and the changes in our life and directs itself to balance the mind and the heart.​

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a relaxed practice that helps you get the physical and mental balance to deal with anxiety and tension through the use of props (bolster, straps, blocks) that allow you to hold up asanas for a longer period of time (3-5 minutes) giving you all the benefits of a deep passive stretch. Restorative yoga balances your nervous system, relieves the mind, relieves emotional pains and helps you make small changes in your daily life, keeping away stress and anxiety.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a new, unique way of practising that offers muscle strengthening, contributing to proper body posture through gravity.

The upside-down postures of aerial yoga decompress the vertebrae and relaxes the heart.

Aerial yoga, in addition to improving mood and release from tension, helps us overcome fears, gives us a sense of freedom, builds a strong body and increases concentration.

Aerial Restorative is a practice that combines aerial yoga and healing. With the help of the hammock located just above the ground, we follow a series of mild, gentle positions in very calm, relaxed rhythm in order to relieve the stress and tensions of the day by taking care of ourselves in both the physical and mental levels. It is a practice addressed to all, irrespective of the age and physical abilities of each trainee.​

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