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Minas Rafailidis

Minas Rafalidis was born in Athens and studied at the Department of Statistics and Informatics of ASOEE. He has completed the 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training program at Athens Yoga, based on Anusara Yoga's alignment principles, and Karam Kriya's Kundalini Yoga 200-hour teacher training program. He has attended children yoga seminars with Cheryl Crawford (Grounded Kids) and Siri Arti (Starchild), both based on Kundalini yoga. He has also attended workshops with Martin Kirk, Carlos Pomeda, Todd Tessen and Alessandro Ortona. He also attended Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with George Andrianopoulos and Aerial Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Christina Matsis and George Andrianopoulos. His first contact with yoga was 15 years ago and he is systematically practising in various styles until today (hatha / anusara, kundalini, vinyasa, ashtanga).

Sotiris Zlatintsis

Sotiris came into contact with Yoga in 2013. His need for deeper knowledge and study in the Yoga system led him to attend his first education near Konstantinos Harantiniotis where he was certified with the 200hr RYT Hatha Yoga. He is also a certified teacher from Yoga Alliance. His teaching is done in accordance with the 5 principles of alignment of Anusara Hatha Yoga, a unique set of biomechanical alignment principles applied to each asana in order to enhance human performance and prevent injuries. His lessons are completed by practice of breathing (pranayama) and meditation, where they have soothing effects on the trainee. The purpose of his lessons is to help each trainee evolve and develop both physically and spiritually. The combined practice offers the best way to improve, increase and maintain health at all levels, as it eliminates the accumulated tensions in the body and mind. Finally, in order to enrich his knowledge, he attends continuing education seminars with world-renowned Yoga teachers such as Desiree Rumbaugh, Andrew Rivin and Todd Tesen.

Maria Antonopoulou

Maria was born in Athens in 1985. The first contact with her body came at the age of 8 years with artistic gymnastics. Since then she has been involved in various sports and dance types. In 2011 she completed her studies at the drama school and worked as an actress, mainly performing adult’s theatre and performances for children. Her search for the boundaries of body and mind brought her close to Yoga in 2008. She studied yoga philosophy and devoted herself entirely. Her personal journey led her in 2014 to the completion of the curriculum in A. F. Studies yoga Teacher (200h) that includes training in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga. Shortly thereafter, she completed the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (50h) as well as Aerial Kids Yoga Teacher Training. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial and Aerial Kids. She continues to be inspired and to deepen her practice and knowledge around it, through the attendance of courses and seminars.

Nancy Lampropoulou

Nancy Lampropoulou was born in Athens. She came in contact from a very young age with gymnastics. This experience led her to explore the path of yoga. She first met and loved Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a system in which she practised methodically from 2010 until today. Experiencing all the benefits and finding the way her life changed through yoga decided to deal with teaching, but continuing to study and deepen her knowledge. She completed the 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher training program at the Yoga & Budo Center with teachers Andreas Provelegyos, Chryssa Babali and Anastasia Radilaki. She has certified specialization in "Yoga and the elderly" with Sophia Neromilioti. She then attended Aerial Yoga training with Giorgos Andrianopoulos. She has also attended seminars of 80 hours of Thai massage with Alexandros Stavrinos and Ioannis Sampsonides.

Amalia Sialma

Amalia Sialma was born in 16.2.1988 in Agrinio. She started her practice in aerial yoga 6 years ago and immediately realized that she wants to deal with this professionally. She believes that aerial yoga is a practice for everyone and she loves to adjust her lessons in order to see all those who are trained to manage and overcome their fears. She loves children and is happy to see their evolution, physical and spiritual, with the help of the hammock. She has completed the Kids Aerial Yoga training with Christina Matsi and Aerial Yoga Training with Giorgos Andrianopoulos.

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